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Software that works FOR you

Putting Business Back in the Driver’s Seat

As more software solutions enter the marketplace a strange phenomenon has taken place.  The software drives your business processes, your organizational management and even impacts how you conduct day-to-day operations.  We at Agile Hub are singularly focused on breaking those chains to put the control back into the your hands.  We are here to make the software that works FOR you!  Our solutions are designed from the business point of view and then leading technology is applied to adapt to fluid business requirements.  We are agile and strong.


Executive Team

Our company is founded and run by practitioners. We have been in your shoes; we have shopped, purchased, implemented, and used many software solutions.  We have felt the frustrations of software that limits the ability to conduct effective business.  We are dedicated to changing the rules and making software designed to accommodate your business.


Jim Levermann - Founder, CEO

BA.., MBA…CPA, 35 years of executive business management including CEO and CFO for large enterprises. Invested over $14.5 million on software acquisitions and implementations. Brings wealth of business and financial practices …. 

“Our success is solely based on your success. It’s not just the functionality of the software, it is the deep understanding of how you run your business and mapping the software to fit your needs, it is a full commitment to get you up and running and trained.  It is ongoing help an maintenance.”



Laurie Levermann - Founder

BA, MBA…, 30 years of executive business management including CIO for large enterprise.  Invested over $8.5 million on software acquisitions and implementations over the course of 25 years.  Brings wealth of information and organizational management practices 

Quote: “Why should a smaller organization be trapped and limited to sub standard software?  Our approach opens the door for the business entrepreneur to have access to the power and functionality that the giants have and more.  Differently, they can buy what they need as they need it.  We don’t force or overwhelm the buyer to take on more than they need. ”



Amanda Rosette – Founder

BA… 15 years of sales and business development including first hand experience using produce software for sales and marketing.  Quote: “I am very proud of our integrity.  If we say we do it, we do it.  If we say we will be there, we will.  How rare and refreshing it is to actually be able to count on a software company to deliver as promised!”